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Mill Creek, Washington

At 360 Dental of Mill Creek, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy smile for life. One thing you can do to ensure your oral health remains in top-tier condition is to keep up with your regular dental exams. Our team is pleased to offer comprehensive care to identify and address any unique dental health needs.

How Often Should You Schedule Your Dental Exams?

General guidelines state that individuals should schedule dental exams and cleanings every six months for preventive maintenance. In some cases, if you have gum disease or are prone to developing oral health problems, we may recommend more frequent dental visits.

What Is the Importance of Routine Dental Exams?

Routine dental exams are necessary to maintain long-term healthy smiles. They allow us to detect oral health problems early on before they cause any symptoms. Without regular visits, untreated conditions will most likely become painful and more challenging to address down the road.

Routine exams not only help stop dental conditions from progressing, but they can also prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Based on our evaluation of your oral health and unique needs, we'll recommend preventive treatments to keep dental disease at bay. We'll also provide you with special instructions to improve your oral hygiene habits, making you less likely to develop dental problems.

Regular dental exams can also improve your overall health. Signs of some systemic diseases, such as diabetes, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, often appear in the mouth first. If we uncover indications of any health concerns, we may recommend a visit to your primary care physician for further evaluation.

What Happens During a New Patient Exam?

Our new patient exam includes a detailed evaluation of your oral health to establish a baseline for future dental care. We'll start by taking your medical history and will ask you if you have any current dental concerns. Our team will take digital x-rays to get a closer look at any potential problems not visible to the naked eye.

Dr. Punia will thoroughly evaluate the health of your teeth, soft tissues, and bite. He'll also examine any dental work or restorations, perform an oral cancer screening, and assess your smile's aesthetics to determine your cosmetic needs. Dr. Punia will share any concerns and discuss how to address them at every step.

What Happens During a Regular or Recall Dental Exam?

Similar to your new patient exam, we'll take dental x-rays to uncover any problems not visible during your exam, including early decay, cysts, bone loss, and other abnormalities. Next, Dr. Punia will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to rule out tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease, infections, and other oral health issues. He will also conduct an oral cancer screening, check your tooth alignment, and look for signs of damaging habits such as tooth grinding.

During your visit, we will perform a teeth cleaning. Our dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth and along your gum line. Professional cleanings reduce the risk of future tooth decay and periodontal disease.

What Happens After a First or Recall Dental Exam?

Dr. Punia will discuss your oral health, including any dental health concerns he uncovers. Depending on your unique needs, he will create a custom treatment plan with any immediate dental treatments required to restore your healthy smile. He will also outline any preventive measures you need to maintain your oral health.

Dental Exams Near Me

Making dental exams a regular part of your dental care routine is one of the best ways to ensure you enjoy long-term dental health.

If it's been a while since your last dental visit, we invite you to contact our Mill Creek office at 425-999-8159 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Punia or schedule one online today!

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